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What is Naughty Tea?

Nothing says Southern Hospitality like a glass of ice cold sweet tea. Using our handcrafted wine making techniques, we have uncovered a new way for adults to enjoy an American classic. Naughty Tea is a unique southern sweet tea wine that captures the profile of a traditional sweet tea with just the right amount of kick. Whether served on its own over ice, in a can, or mixed into a craft cocktail, Naughty Tea provides a fantastic and memorable experience to enjoy and share a bit of Southern Hospitality.     

Made from 100% natural sweet tea
10% alcohol by volume
Contains no artificial flavors or colors
Less than 6 grams of sugar per serving 
Classified as a wine, but contains no grapes
Serve chilled, over ice, in a can, or in a cocktail
Now available in 750 mL bottles and 8oz cans
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